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PAAN CASA was born out of a desire to love  and PASSION of MR.PAANWALA, We see PAAN as a way to build community; as such, we see the PAAN CASA as a community builder – a way to care for people, society through making quality and clean PAANs in neighborhood spaces.


We started PAAN CASA in 2018, but the desire to be a part of PAAN started decade ago. We fell in love with PAAN in young age. Not just PAAN but the PAAN shop culture: a place like no other, no rush to leave, quiet time to relax, gathering or time to socialize with others, meet new people – it opened our world. We always looked for local PAAN shops, but we found it very difficult to find a Family Paan Café that provides the atmosphere we envisioned. We have an understanding of what we love about PAAN culture and wanted to create it elsewhere.


We seek to not only care for our community of regulars, but we wanted to build a TOBACCO and NICOTINE free CAFÉ and the environment for families in the community.


OUR MISSION to stimulate and encourage the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. We live with these values: Our Products, Our Service and Our Customers at our core.


PAAN CASA, is an Unique Family PAAN CAFE own by North America's Most Popular Brand MR.PAANWALA.

MR.PAANWALA aka Mehul Patel was born in Gujarat, India and raised in Vadodara, and currently living in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. for over a decade, he was exposed to daily PAAN preparation by his Grand Mother (who lived in Bharuch, Gujarat) at very young age, which helped him to know a vast array of Paan and different Flavors used in Mouth Freshener. Mehul found himself drawn towards this very simple thing called PAAN at the young age. 


His internal skills got developed when he moved to U.S.A. decade ago. He began to experiment on different Flavors and Combination to prove the best combination scientifically.  He is passionate about PAAN and the whole PAAN world, his love and willingness to know more about PAAN, truly makes him a PAAN devote.


Today, Mr.Paanwala is fastest growing PAAN brand in the U.S.A. and have been reorganized by many people i.e. Master Chef The Sanjeev Kapoor, Consulate General of India N.Y. , Bollywood Superstar Arjun Rampal, Anupam Kher and many more. 

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why ethical

paan matters


At PAAN CASA we Love when things are the Best version they can be. When we aren’t behind the Paan, Beverages or the many other things that happen within Paan Casa, a lot of times you’ll find us making things in the communities.


We’re Paan Artists and do what we simply Love to Do! Making Paan is an Art and Art is work, Paan Casa can be considered as the Meeting Place, Gathering Place of art and science. An understanding of the scientific concepts at work is essential to interpreting the materials we have at Hand, and in this way craft is like an Art. We use science behind the process to make the idea replicable and the best it can be!


Just like any other Artist or Scientists, we get so Excited about sharing our Craft with others. We love sharing our Passion and Hard-Work with you and trying to make & spread the word of Tobacco and Nicotine FREE community within our society!

At Paan Casa, honesty is very important to us, Respect for People and Nature are not just words with Paan Casa, but we Believe and Follow it. We only use pure raw Materials, such as traditional Ingredients, Syrups, no Tobacco, no Nicotine, no Artificial Sugar, Fats or Chemicals, simply a Fair Paan.

From the diligent hand that picks the Paan to the thorough process of Making Paans, and other Products, PAAN CASA crafts to install in you a Confidence that the Conclusion of your PAAN’s journey will be a PAANTASTIC journey.

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