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Ek Ice-Cream to Banta Hai BOSS!

Ice-Cream Cones

Ice Cream before reading the rest of this article? I know your answer! Right now you are screaming for some ice cream. And why do you want it? Why do we love ice cream so much? It might be because:

There’s A Million Flavors Of Ice Cream:

Hate vanilla? You hear chocolate and get sick? You only like fruit-flavored ice cream? You decide what you want. That’s the good thing with ice cream. You can also choose what to have with your ice cream. You might as well say, ‘Say surprise me’, and get pleasantly surprised.

Ice Cream Doesn’t Discriminate On Seasons:

It is good for any season. During the summer, you can cool off with the help of a delicious scoop of your choice flavored ice cream. In the winter, you can carry along your most preferred slice of pie together with a scoop of ice cream.

Berry Berry Ice-Cream

No Struggling To Decide What To Have For Dessert:

Just bring out the ice cream, no fussing over what to eat for dessert. It’s simple to serve your favorite scoop of ice cream and present your family with the perfect treat at parties or other events.

People Eat Ice Cream To Chase Away Sad Feelings:

A big bowl of ice cream can help chase away your sadness and cheer you up. Scientifically, a bowl of ice cream helps one deal with heartaches, breakups and other cause of sadness.

They Can Eat Ice Cream Anywhere:

Ice cream can be served in a number of ways. It can be placed in a cone, cup or double cone. Basically, there are endless ways to do so. You can take your frozen treat anywhere you want to go

Can Make Ice Cream At Home:

A food processor or a basic package of salt and ice, is all you need to make your very own delicious ice cream. Moreover, you can create any flavor you want using either of these techniques. Be it exotic fruits, cream and cookies or anything else in between, you have at your disposal the full range of creativity and are free to choose what you want.

Ice Cream Lasts For A Long Time:

Instead of throwing away the extra amount of ice cream, you can just simply put it away in the freezer for a later time. It can last for weeks in this

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