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Tobacco is Dangerous for your Health and Family!

Tobacco is among the leading causes of preventable premature deaths. Why? Tobacco contains as many as 4000 chemicals where hundreds of them are lethal and extremely toxic. You are literary taking a big risk with letting tobacco near any of your organs.

The toxins prevent internal organs and the immune system from performing as they should.

How Does Smoking Affect You?


This is the highly addictive substance found in Cigarettes. It can increase your blood pressure and heartbeat, cause dizziness, stomach pains and nausea.

Smoking is a Dead End!

Severe Illnesses:

Serious health problems such as organ damage, lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes may be accelerated by smoking tobacco.

In addition, smoking can lead to cancer of the mouth, blood, bladder and stomach.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Family?


Babies of women who smoked while expectant are exposed to increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, being born prematurely and with low weight. Children around smokers are exposed to second hand smoke which is almost as bad as first hand smoke. If you smoke around your children, they are likely to get ear infections, asthma and respiratory infections- which could lead to shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing or even bronchitis.

These children are likely to grow into smokers, and get exposed to the serious hazards of smoking later in life.


Other Older Family Members:

Adults in your household aren’t immune to passive smoke from you. Their lungs and hearts are put at risk by secondhand smoke, whether the windows are wide open or fans are running wild.

The Good News:

If you are able to quit smoking soon, the more you will be able to start boosting the health of your lungs together with those of your family members. If both you and your partner or close friend smoke, your decision of quitting can inspire them to quit too.

Please STOP!

It is good for parents to quit smoking early. It might discourage their children from picking up the cigarette and sticking with it.

By giving up cigarettes, you give yourself some time left over from those smoke breaks that you have stopped taking. You are able to save some extra reserves of cash because you are no longer coughing out all that money to buy cigarette packs.

This is also a perfect chance to do a positive thing for the sake of the health of your family members, or friends.

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